Safemode’s third tour in Latin America

June 13, 2016 // Safemode on tour in Latin America in June 16-25 Safemode is heading back to Latin America, for their third time. This time they will tour in Colombia and Panama between the dates June 16th-25th.

Pressrelease: New single & video “Reaching For The Top” by Narnia

June 3, 2016 // Pressrelease: New single & video “Reaching For The Top” by Narnia Uppsala, Sweden. June 3, 2016 Narnia is finally back for the metal attack. Celebrating 20 years as a band, they are back with a brand new studio album, scheduled for worldwide release on September 16, 2016.[…]

Safemode – “Colorblind” is here!

May 20, 2016 // Safemode’s new album “Colorblind” is released! Today, Safemode’s second album, entitled “Colorblind” is officially released. Order your copy now! Producer is Dino Medanhodzic, who also produced “For A Better Tomorrow” and “Gold Digger”.

New single by Safemode

April 19, 2016 // First single from Safemode’s new album “Colorblind” is out! Now you can hear Safemode’s first single from the new album “Colorblind”! The song is entitled “Empty Mirror”, and you can hear it on Spotify or download on iTunes.